Massage for Him

Most male clients having masseuses for him, but we do have special masseurs for male to male massage as well. For the special massage for man, or prostate massage or lingam massage, you can choose a masseuse or masseur.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a type of Tantric massage for man, focusing on the male genital area to generate libido energy. This type of massage intends to make men more relaxed. The sensation certainly gives a sense of pleasure. Your masseuse will start massaging your entire body, then put a pillow under your backside and massage your genital area. Lingam massage can also help those who experience premature ejaculation. Men will perform better sexually if they are not under any pressure. This massage can stimulate the body to produce sex hormones and ensure you last longer with your partner.

Special Massage for Man

Special male massage is a prostate massage treatment. This massage is focused on slowly and gently stimulating the male perineal and prostate, which ignites sexual energy. Reaching the sensitive area of the male genital system is the key to orgasm. Along with sexy lingam massage and testicular stimulation, the perineal and prostate area will create an orgasm by softly penetrating with the finger, pressing the prosaic gland with circular movements. It’s one of the most erogenous points of the male anatomy. Try this sensational treatment and relax and let go.

You can choose either a male or female therapist.

Male to Male Massage

We have one special male therapist with years of experience who is dedicated with passion to our male clients. This massage is for our male clients who have the desire to connect only to males.