Massage for Her

Most of our female clients choose masseuses, but we also have special masseurs. Massage for her includes Yoni massage, body-to-body, soapy massage, Nuru massage, and four-hand massage.

Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a Tantric practice for females. The massage will be on the woman’s sensitive area and the g-spot. The therapist will begin with a soft and gentle massage. Always make sure to tell our therapist exactly what you want and what feels good so they will understand what you want and try their best to make it happen. We encourage you to fully express the femininity of your inner being and experience who you truly are by discovering more of your inner desires of sensuality.

Woman to Woman Massage

Some women are afraid to explore their body or sexuality. They are really shy to talk to men about their fantasies to achieve climax or are afraid to be touched by a man. This treatment is for women who don’t want any arousal by men or for fun women who love to explore more about their own sensuality and femininity. Woman to woman massage was created for you. Women understand more about the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body to reach beyond enjoyment. In this treatment, you will experience loving, healing and touch without having to give anything back.

Most women love the beauty, elegance, gentle touching, and excitement aspects of this type of massage.